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Some time ago I did an investigation about a very nice activity called Beekeeping, I would like to tell you what it is about:


Beekeeping is an activity that consists in the care and upbringing of hives of bees producing honey, it is related to the pollination of crops, and the obtaining of honey and other products, it is a very old and widespread activity, which Cree had its origin in the Middle East.

In ancient times the Egyptians raised bees and marketed honey and wax, but for the collection beekeepers had to kill the colonies of bees, which hindered the production of the precious liquid, but it was in 1851 when an American discovered how it could breed the bees in artificial hives.

It was observed that the bees leave a space of about 6mm between the wax combs; so following this principle if this distance between the adjacent frames in the artificial hives is respected, and between these and the walls of the same, the combs will not adhere to the neighbors. This discovery allowed collecting honey and wax from the combs individually without destroying the colony, also made it possible to control and maintain a larger number of colonies.

The products made by bees have been highly recognized for their quality and properties, and in view of the boom that has taken ecologically sustainable agriculture where agricultural techniques are used that do not have adverse effects for the environment, combine certain crops with beekeeping is an excellent technique of pollination where not only apicolas products of good quality and quantity are obtained, but also the yields of production and the quality of the crop will be quite satisfactory.

Beekeeping is usually applied in the pollination of plantings of fruits, flowers, vegetables and a wide variety of plants, and as additional production you can obtain honeys of different flavors.

In Venezuela honey production was very booming, although it was not an outstanding economic activity, if it was widely used in the production of various crops, but with the arrival of Africanized bees, the lines are usually very aggressive and dangerous, many beekeepers eliminated their hives and the production of honey decreased significantly, although the activity is still carried out in an artisanal way in some states of the country.

This is all for now, it is a review on beekeeping, but I will continue to tell you more details about this beautiful activity, and it could be said that it is also an art, in my next articles.

The information shown here is part of my Degree Thesis published in 2016
This article was originally written in Spanish, it is from my authorship:
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